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22nd October 2021

Shimlar has reset. See the changelog for recent and all changes during the round.

Previous Round Length: 3 months (July 30th - October 22nd 2021)

You can view the changelog here - FB Post

20th October 2021

Changes made since September:

NEW: NG+ (called renown)! When you are level 15M, you can head to 0,2 Royal University to reset your level and start over, with various buffs such as xp modifier, extra masteries, extra free level stacking, 100k profession buffs, and more! Everything is kept upon reset except gem/mastery conquests.

NEW: Player Titles! collect titles through your journey into shimlar, although some you might have to go out of your way for. Each title comes with 5 tiers that will display a different color in all chat messages. Very rare titles only have one tier. Currently, there are 42 of them with plans to add A LOT more.

NEW: When selecting a new profession, the list is now customized to remove older professions if your level exceeds 5x the level requirement (so 2k+ removes lv400 profession) 100k professions will always be visible once you can see them though.

NEW: Added each zone type to the outworld map, so you get a better idea of what each zones purpose is without opening the window.

NEW: You'll get an automated PM when someone else completes your quest.

NEW: Setting for disabling alignment of certain mobs. Now you can kill them without worrying about your alignment increase/decreasing the wrong way.

NEW: Gemhunter conquest will now display the zone you need to go to if your twice the steps level requirement.

BUG FIX: Renown was bugged for female characters.

5th September 2021

Added 5 gear presets! Will save your layout and load it at will. Save preset button is customizable text. For now, it only checks your inventory but later it will check estate too.

1st September 2021

Teleportation customization! When teleporting, you can now hide zones you don't want in the list. You can toggle zones you've hidden in the settings tab in case you want to turn them back on (they will display with a RED background).

Changed Blood Paragon (vampires only) - Provides +1 IC and AC per 20,000 kills - up to 500,000 kills for +25

28th August 2021

Clan armory added! 15 slots that are upgradable up to 100. Leaders can appoint 3 quartermasters (in xandor) to be able to withdraw gear. Added quickbar as well with similar options like estate. Quartermasters have a purple [QM] tag in clan chat.

Quartermasters can also change the clan bonus.

A message is sent to each quartermaster upon adding or removing them (similar to co-leader message when appointed)

The clan armory quicktab will display if you're a quartermaster or not.

25th August 2021

Numerous minor additions added:

NEW: Conquest Blood Bank. Upon completion, awards Blood Paragon that is useful to vampires only.

NEW: command tab that shows all useful commands in easy location. Alot will self-execute upon selecting them.

NEW: /mala and /purse commands.

NEW: Examine option to inventory and estate screens.

NEW: Class Gem sorting to the Market drop down.

NEW: /clanneeds command. Adds what you're looking for and all clan members can see it.

NEW: Settings tab and moved dark_mode and number_notation here. All future customization options will go here.

NEW: Timers to top middle of game that display Server Time, Your Quest Timer, and the Bonus Timer that update automatically. Toggleable on/off in the settings tab.

NEW: Server Time and Quest Timer that update automatically.

NEW: toggle options for server time & quest timer displays.

NEW: /log command that stores all PMs sent and received.

NEW: Estate tab now has estates location & inventory sorting options.

NEW: Quest Timer clan bonus is now passive at 50/100/200 power for -1 / -2 / -3hr

NEW: Color coded /clanbonus. If the total power requires is RED, your clan doesn't have enough power. Green = activated.

NEW: Mob selection smart tracking. Remembers what you last fought so any interruptions won't result in the mob list changing or the list being empty.

BUFF: Changed Kinky Hunter Conquest from 1/30 to 1/15 drop chance.

BUG FIX: Class gems were giving the incorrect gems based on your class.

BUG FIX: Conquests with multiple drops (such as Bone Collector) were redropping their items under certain conditions.