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24th June 2020




Flag, Description, Heal removed.

Shared House now costs 200m

Item Slots expanded to 4 upgrades (in order): 25 (50M) -> 50 (500M) -> 100 (50B) -> 200 (1T)

Notes: Was tricky to update, thus removing the components that aren't needed or used to make it work. Now I could easily go further than 200, if desired.


Conquest Charm

Legendary: 125% drop bonus -> 100%. 25% 3x conquest -> 50% 3x conquest.

Magnitude: +30 IC to wep2/spell2 -> +25 IC to all.

Fortitude: +45 AC -> +25 AC.

Notes: Were a little too powerful, especially Fortitude. Legendary & Magitude get a buff in exchange for a nerf. +45 AC was way too strong.


Clan Bonus

Exp/Gold decreased from +35/70/105/140/175% -> +25/50/75/100/125%

Notes: Was too strong.


11th June 2020

Automated the quest checklist - auto-checks special killed while questing and resets when you find the right mob.


9th June 2020

Added 150 more inventory slots. Upgrade at the RU!

70->80 items cost increased from 25M to 30M

80->90 items cost increased from 30M to 40M

90->100 items cost increased from 40M to 50M

100->125 items costs 1B

125->150 items costs 50B

150->175 items costs 100B

175->200 items costs 250B

200->250 items costs 25T

Will look into a better inventory management system when I can, since things will probably get cluttered with so much space. total of 450 now instead of 150. Enjoy!


13th May 2020

Added a catch-up mechanic to the game for those who have less time to click than others.

The formula will take the average level of the top 10 players and create a 'threshold' level. For every player under that level, a +10% BT stack will be applied to them. This can stack multiple times, up to +100% which is essentially 200% BT for players that meet the requirement.

Information about it can be found under 'Training Log'. It displays how much bonus you receieve until X level. Once you reach that level, you lose +10% until it goes to 0% (normal) where it will say "none". This mechanic will also not activate until a player has reached level 5k.

This bonus applied the same way as BT does - so boosts your exp, gold, shadow, gem, conquest, purse, resource, and mastery chances. The threshold level will not be set high so those who play often will still have an advantage, but should provide additional enjoyment for those who slack behind due to time restraints.


1st May 2020

Modified clan bonuses to scale up to the number of clan members you have, reducing their initial power across the board so smaller clans aren't punished for less members. Larger clans are also not punished as the scaled up requirements are roughly the same as they were previously. The formula is currently set to +7.5% power added per 5 clan members, which I can easily change dymanically to adjust bonuses. This can always be found with the clanBonus command (/cb, /clanbonus)

Additional Clan Bonus changes (big one - no longer costs gold!):

Armor Class changed from [Power] 5/25/50/90/150 and [Effect] +3/5/7/10/15 -> [Power] 3/15/30/50/80 and [Effect] 3/6/9/12/15

Exp & Gold combined and set to [Power] 4/14/35/60/95 and [Effect] +35/70/105/140/175%

Drop Chance is split into Gem & Shadow and set to [Power] 5/20/40/65/100 and [Effect] +15/30/45/60/75% (previously combined for +10/20/30/40/50%)

Item Class changed from [Power] 20/45/70/95/155 and [Effect] +2/4/6/8/10 -> [Power] 3/15/30/50/80 and [Effect] 3/6/9/12/15

Quest Timer changed from [Power] 40/80/160 -> [Power] 15/45/110 (no effect change)

Temple Luck has been removed.

Double Hit Chance changed from [Power] 45/90/135/180 -> [Power] 20/45/70/120 (no effect change)

Mastery Chance changed from [Power] 30/60/110 and [Effect] +15/40/100% -> [Power] 10/35/70 and [Effect] +50/100/200%

Will give same treatment to Clan Mines/Misc too when i can. Also in process of updating a lot of backend code so it is much easier to make edits to them. Currently have clan mines 90% automated (instead of needing edit 12 files, its now 3).


16th April 2020

Quest EXP overhaul is here

Done same way as gold was - it now goes off of the mobs base exp and multiplied by a formula to determine amount of EXP from that quest.

Added the # of levels you'll get for doing the quest, next to the exp value on the questboard.


16th April 2020

Quest EXP overhaul is here

Done same way as gold was - it now goes off of the mobs base exp and multiplied by a formula to determine amount of EXP from that quest.

Added the # of levels you'll get for doing the quest, next to the exp value on the questboard.


8th April 2020

Please read the following statement: Here


27th March 2020

Color coded gear in inventory to better distinguish pieces, per a suggestion: View Here.

Changed how droppers work for armors - Helm/Gauntlets drop eachother, Legs/Boots drop eachother.


18th March 2020

Message from Scott


12th March 2020


* Disabled Armor Bonus from Shields for Vampires.

Vampires are too strong in the early game, and after testing decided to remove shields as a viable option. Axe (for Exp) or Staff (for gold) will be the alternatives. Using Shields to MT still work - Its only the AC that doesn't.

*Changed bonus exp/gold for quests. +2% per special killed, with +5% bonus every 10 killed. +5% bonus on first kill only. Scoundrel has been added to the quest pool, bringing it to 25 total. 60% is the max amount now for 25/25.

* Added 5% chance to shatter gems when fusing. This mean you'll lose both gems and the FP.

* Downscaled Fusion Piece Accumulation across the board (Mythic XX went from ~900-2500 to ~60-240 FP). This wasn't made as a nerf however, and everything else is adjusted as such. I did this change because I found it unneccessary to have it scale so high up, when it can be a more refined system.

Adjusted Fusion Pricing

Adjusted Forge Pricing

Adjusted Conquests requiring FP

Adjusted Royal Fleet Admiral - lvl*75 instead of lvl*50 for each step (nerf), reward is 75% less (50% for other resources), and required badges are 50% less what it was before (buff).

Adjusted FP reward from raid items.

DID NOT adjust ancest/godly cost. They looked ok as they are, with me wanting godly to be more expensive since they are very powerful.

FP reward from quest reduced.

Might've missed a few things that give/require FP so let me know if I missed any. I think I got them all though.


10th March 2020

Shimlar will reset Friday 13th March at around 9PM UK Time. All updates and changes are already listed on /updates and on the login page. Alpr Will add hotfixes during the round as he has done for both the "Click To Win" Version and the premium version of the game. Please can we go into a fresh round with no chargebacks and us not falling into a negative balance again.


8th March 2020

Added an (X) to each piece of gear on the inventory tab. Clicking this will unequip that gear piece instead of having to go through inventory.


1st March 2020

Class Changes

Added a small, scaling buff to all class types except Bow/Drain.

Class Type is shown right above alignment, and is based on rhand/spellone slot. (buff applies to 2nd spell/weapon too!)

Class type is also based on whether dex or wis is higher. This inadvertantly kills weapon builds that use vamp gems.

Bow/Drain are unique classes and do not need further buffs for this part, which is why they are excluded.

Sword - +15% Critical Damage

Axe - +10% Critical Chance, +10% Max Masteries on /races

Mace - +5% Weapon Class

Staff - +2.5% Weapon & Armor Class

Shield - +5% Drop Chance (Gem, Shadow, Purse, Clan Mine, Resource) [GODLY ONLY]

Fire - +10% Hit Chance, +2% Spell Class

Cold - +5% Armor Class

Air - +5% Spell Class, +10% Max Masteries on /races

Earth - +2.5% Spell & Armor Class

Arcane - +5% Drop Chance (Gem, Shadow, Purse, Clan Mine, Resource) [GODLY ONLY]


/Myth Class Changes


Myth - 4% Dex / 2% Str / -1% Enemy Dex -> 5.5% Dex / 4.5% Str / -5% Enemy Dex

Ancestral - 4% Dex / 2% Str -> 5.5% Dex / 4% Str

Godly - 5.5*(IC+5/100) / 20*(IC+5/100) -> 6*(IC+5/100 / 30*(IC+5/100


Myth - 4% Dex / 1.5% Str / -1.5% Enemy Dex -> 4% Dex / 6% Str / -2% Enemy Dex

Ancestral - 4% Dex / 1.25% Exp -> 4% Dex / 6% Str / 1.25% Exp

Godly - 21*(IC+5/100) / 19*(IC+5/100) -> 25*(IC+5/100) / 25*(IC+5/100)

Staff - None for now. Had issue with dex going higher for vampires and possible other casters.


Myth - 4% Dex / 1% Str / -2% Enemy Dex -> 10% Dex / 2% Str / -4% Enemgy Dex

Ancestral - 4% Dex -> 10% Dex

Godly - 6*(IC+5/100) / 5*(IC+5/100) -> 7*(IC+5/100) / 6*(IC+5/100)

Bow - None for now.

Shield - None for now.


Myth - 4% Wis / 1% Int / -2% Enemy Wis -> 10% Wis / 2% Int / -4% Enemy Wis

Ancestral - 4% Wis -> 10% Wis

Godly - 6*(IC+5/100) / 5*(IC+5/100) -> 7*(IC+5/100) / 6*(IC+5/100)


Myth - 4% Wis / 1.5% Int / -1.5% Enemy Wis -> 5.5% Wis / 4.5% Int / -5% Enemy Wis

Ancestral - 4% Wis / 2% Int -> 5.5% Wis / 4% Int

Godly - 5.5*(IC+5/100) / 20*(IC+5/100) -> 6*(IC+5/100) / 30*(IC+5/100)


Myth - 4% Wis / 2% Int / -1% Enemy Wis -> 4% Wis / 6% Int / -1% Enemy Wis

Ancestral - 4% Wis / 1.25% Exp -> 4% Wis / 6% Int / 1.25% Exp

Godly - 21*(IC+5/100) / 19*(IC+5/100) -> 25*(IC+5/100) / 25*(IC+5/100)

Earth - None for now.

Drain - None for now.

Arcane - None for now.


26th February 2020

Quest messages will now display +20/50/100% depending on # of specials killed to show the bonus you received for that quest.

Drops will now be defaulted to "Display" upon login, meaning it always tells you your drop. Can still be turned off in training log.


22nd February 2020

Quest Update - Quest reward will be given a multiplier based on number of unique specials that were killed.

Has to be unqiue and part of the 24 quest mobs. Illusionist and others that aren't on the quest tab do not count.

If it took 1 special to complete a quest, the reward will be given a 10% exp/gold boost.

If it took 8 specials to complete a quest, the reward will be given a 20% exp/gold boost.

If it took 16 specials to complete a quest, the reward will be given a 50% exp/gold boost.

If it took 24 specials to complete a quest, the reward will be given a 100% exp/gold boost.

If you switch quests and kill a special on new quest, your old quest data will be overwritten and lost.


12th February 2020


Reset is done - Enjoy the new round!


Credit to Fred - When picking starter race, received gear is now customized. Instead of IC0 dagger/fire, you'll get:

Dwarf: Axe, Heal

Elf: Bow, Arrow

Dark Elf: Sword, Fire

Giant: Mace, Heal

Troll: Mace, Heal, Armor

Goblin: Shield, Fire

Angel: Shield, Heal

Gargoyle: Shield, Cold

Gnome: Shield, Fire

Human: Dagger, Fire

Fledgling: Shield, Drain


Quest gold has changed significantly. I redid the formula, to balance it throughout all rounds better. The goal is to bring back droppers needing to be golded for to add a lot of time back to the round. Early zones will see an increase of gold, while higher zones will be balanced more (instead of 400Q in cave of wonders, it'll be ~5Q).

Quest gold & exp values have had their displays changed - is now color coded for each tier (K,M,B,T,Q,Quint) and condensed to a more readable format (25T, 100k, etc)


10th February 2020 - Scotticus


We reset Friday 14th At around 9PM Server /time


Accessories from previous rounds unless purchased via the "ULTIMATE Accessory Bundle" Are now gone forever, poof, bye!


My major change is the bonus system explained a little below and on the following post: HERE


If you require exchanges with "Bonus Tokens" To the new system please refer to the guide I will post in a few days referring to how you can exchange and how much new % You'll receive. Please make sure you inform me of any current tokens before we reset I cannot promise that I will remember any missing tokens that people have forgotten to tell me about when we've reset, I need screenshots or amounts of players tokens provided to me.


This new bonus system change may not be in everyone's tastes but this is the best way forward that I can see to benefit the many and not just a few online at one time.


The bonuses will be capped during the first few weeks of the round meaning we will have weeks of 300,600,900 and 1200 Respectively.


I apologise for the change in the bonus system but this is for the greater good and everyone can benefit from all the bonuses set within a week rather than every 2 Hours, this is exactly how it worked a few rounds ago however it was a set amount to fill each meter and worked out more expensive than it does now with less of a bonus.


One can only assume that the round lengths are due to the "Premium" Accessories and these will be scaled down eventually to meet the speed of the rounds to slow things down a little again..

26th January 2020


[VAMP GEM CHANGES] - /gems and /fusion updated!

Goal: To make vampires require unique gems from everyone else, leaving def/det/ft gems to casters only, and make the gems not..suck.

Ruby - Smallest change here, but reduced armor from 0.7 per grade to 0.4 to match Bloodstones. This gem has always provided the same enemy wisdom bonus as Black Pearl, so /gems is updated to reflect that change. Required to make Bloodstones. Rarity to find unchanged.

Tourmaline - Will affect current vampire builds the most, since the 6x hit chance multiplier is moved to bloodstones instead. This is now equal in power to a black pearl, but you also gain the 'damage enemy' buff of a regular tourmaline as well, so it is slightly better. Required to make Bloodstones (instead of rogueite). Rarity to find unchanged.

Bloodrock - One of two primary vampire gems now. The added health is much smaller than before, but has the same power level as demon fangs as well. Rarity changed to be the same as demon fangs.

Bloodstone - Two of two primary vampire gems now. Requires Ruby + Tourmaline to make now. Gains the hit chance bonus that Tourmaline used to have, armor is reduced to 0.4 per grade, gains the wisdom boost from Tour + Ruby, and the heal is unchanged.

WARNING - At some point, I plan to make Demon Fang, Demon Tear, and Frozen Tear unusable to vampires. I will give ample time and help people convert gems however. Idea is to keep vampires to their four gems (tour, br, ruby, bs) entirely.

Enjoy the return of the Vampires!