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30th July 2021

Shimlar has reset. Minor changes and bugfixes this round.

Previous Round Length: 3 months (May 7th - July 30th 2021)

You can view the changelog here - FB Post

15th May 2021

Added Earth & Staff classes to the game!

Updated /myth, /races, and /prof

Earth = Gnome / Earth Elemental / Basilisk / Medusa. Staff = Human / Kender / Afflicted Kender / Shadow Fiend

Godly effects buff NTL and STR to achieve the same power level as others.

7th May 2021

Shimlar has reset. A lot of work went into rebalancing all classes. You can view the changelog here - FB Post

2nd April 2021

Shimlar has reset. Due to the host fire and having to rebuild the database that happened at the beginning of March, here is the very long change log- FB Post

12th February 2021

Shimlar has reset. Previous round length: 12 weeks. Previous changes from last round and new round changes can be found here- FB Post

Brand new feature: Battle Info! Found next to training log, this will display all your available stats that you have equipped - gems, accessories, professions, gear, etc. It's stilla work in progress, but Character Strength, Zone Drop Chance, and Player Modifiers (only exp/gold atm) are fully functional.

Bonus Time is now displayed at the top. Personal BT is also displayed here, moved from Training Log. Both default to +0% if it's not active.

Instead of being confused by the level ranged on /gems and /fusion, I moved them to battle - Max Gem Power will show the maximum grade power you can use at your level; Fusion Machine Max (Gem) will show the max gem you can smash for FP; Fusion Machine Max (Shadow) will show the max shadow you can smash for FP.

Character Strength: Previously 12345. After killing a mob, it'll display your weapon/spell power and hit chance. I capped hit chance at 100 so it doesn't overflow.

Zone Drop Chance: These stats take the zones info and displays it to you all in one place! It also takes into account all bonuses attached, such as gems, BT, etc.

Profession Perk: Shows what perk your profession is giving.

Player Modifiers: Added a gem? Kill a mob and this'll show you how much is added to each effect. WIP though!