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19th January 2020


Added new conquest - Conquest of Champions! Located 25,25 wilderness, for every 5x conquests completed, you'll receive +1,+2,+3, etc double hit masteries per step! /conquests updated.


18th January 2020


Added Vampire starter race: Fledgling

Changed stats & masteries of every race. Keep this in mind when choosing starter races!

Updated Starter Races on Manual due to these changes. Don't expect often though since its a PITA to do.

Retired many races that do not serve a purpose from being selectable as a reincarnation.

Cleaned up Reincarnation menu in RU

Minimum level header instead of displayed on each race

Each race will display their best mastery category ([Axe], [Drain], etc)

Races lower than your current race will be hidden to clean up the race selection dropdown.


11th January 2020


Mount Toshax now provides +10 all masteries upon completion.

Conquests that give masteries (except Dojo) now add to your max total as well - meaning you no longer *should* wait until end game to do them as it no longer matters.

Non-raid items will no longer appear at the 1,8 raid spot in wilderness.

Adjusted fusion machine gem smasher level requirements. Were too high before.

/fusion now shows when you can smash gems for FP at the Fusion Machine

Godly gear now costs 68.75% less FP and 500% more Gold.


9th January 2020


On Gem Forge, the FP Cost price will update dynamically depending on FP reduction bonuses, so it is always accurate on how much you're spending.

5% Chance to not use FP upon success now requires 40->70 forging level.

10% Chance to not damage a gem upon failure now requires 70->40 forging level.


8th January 2020


TheForger conquest changed from requiring 100k FP to 30k FP.

Forge Bonuses applied to each forge rank:

Whelp(10): +1 Forge Bonus,

Novice(25): +2 Forge Bonus, -5% FP Cost

Apprentice(40): +3 Forge Bonus, 5% Chance for gem upgrade to cost nothing

Journeyman(55): +4 Forge Bonus, -10% FP Cost

Adept(70): +5 Forge Bonus, 10% Chance to not damage a gem upon failure

Expert(85): +6 Forge Bonus, -15% FP Cost

Master(100): +7 Forge Bonus, Increased Chance to Double-Upgrade Gem

All bonuses stack with professions and accessories.


24th December 2019

New round has started! Balance changes to the game:


Forge has been way too strong, so the following changes will be made:

Added a very small chance to shatter the gem no matter the grade.

Forge level is reworked. Max level is 100, with upgrading gems forgeLevel-locked:

2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 require a forge level of 1 (Slacker) / 10 (Whelp) / 25 (Novice) / 40 (Apprentice) / 55 (Journeyman) / 70 (Adept) / 85 Expert / 100 (Master).

Added titles for each rank too, viewable when checking masteries. A message will display once you unlock a new grade to forge.

Trying to forge gems out of your level will display an error, with no FP lost or gem being degraded.

Additionally, the upgrade formula has been refactored due to a cap of 100 now, but professions and accessory forge bonuses will now stack!

If further tweaks need to be made since past 100 will have no effect, I can think of a few things but I think I have it in a better place than before.

Intent is NOT to kill forge, just not make it super overpowered with people having 50+ ^9s by level 13k like I saw in past rounds.



Major rebalancing of accessories that give drop chance, gold, and experience. Been a thorn in the game for several rounds now, so will address them as such:


Chalice of Luck: 50% Drop Chance ---> 25% Drop Chance

Circlet of Kings: 150% Exp ---> 100% Exp. Rest unchanged. Conquest Req 50 ---> 30

Gandalf Hat: 50% Experience ---> 25% Exp. Conquest Req 300 ---> 100

Prophecy Sphere: 200% Gold / 10x Hit Chance ---> 125% Gold / 6x Hit Chance. Conquest Req 50 ---> 30

Ali Carpet: 150% Drop Chance ---> 100% Drop Chance. AC unchanged. Conquest Req 50 ---> 30

Shimlarian Sphere: 200% Exp / 200% Gold / 200 AC / 10 IC / 5x Hit Chance ---> 150% Exp / 150% Gold / 150 AC / 25 IC / 3x Hit Chance

Dragonstone Necklace: 100% Exp / 150% Drop Chance / 200% Gold ---> 50% Exp / 100% Drop Chance / 150% Gold

Goblin Wolf Amulet: No change, but will provide +900% Mastery Chance when BonusTime is NOT active

Midas Prophecy: 250% Gold ---> 200% Gold

Ring of Forging: 10% Forge Ability / -15% FP Cost ---> +2 Forge Bonus / -10% FP Cost


Kings Crown: 100% Exp / 25 IC ---> 60% Exp. 25 IC dropped, instead it comes with ONE fang^9 of choice

Enhanced Chalice of Luck: 350% Drop Chance / 100 AC ---> 150% Drop Chance. 100 AC dropped, instead comes with dual FT^9s

Enhanced Kings Crown: 175% Exp / 35 IC / 5x Hit Chance ---> 120% Exp. IC and HC dropped, instead comes with TWO grade^9 gems of choice

Chalice of Kings: ECOL + EKC ---> 75% Exp / 50% Drop Chance / 25% Gold / 10 AC; comes with TWO grade^9 gems of choice

Golden Chalice of Kings: ECOL + EKC 2x ---> 150% Exp / 100% Drop Chance / 50% Gold / 20 AC; comes with TWO grade^9 gems of choice

GIANT Chalice of Kings: ECOL + EKC 4x ---> 225% Exp / 150% Drop Chance / 75% Gold / 30 AC; comes with TWO grade^9 gems of choice

Enhanced Ring of Forging: 20% Forge Ability, -25% FP Cost / 16.7% FP loss chance on fail instead of 25% ---> +4 Forge Bonus / -15% FP Cost / 20% instead of 25%



All professions with a quest timer bonus have been reduced by -1h, except for First Shimlarian God and forge bonuses changed.

Adventurer / Skywalker / God of Thunder / God of Love / Demi-God / Immortal are now 2->1 / 3->2 / 2->1 / 3->2 / 5->4 / 6->5 quest timer reductions.

Blacksmith / God of Hunting are now 4-5% / 15% ---> +2 Forge Bonus / +3 Forge Bonus



Quest rewards are too giving in certain areas of the game. Instead of reducing what you can get from them, I chose to modify the Quest Timer instead.

Instead of the quest timer ranging from 2-12 hours depending on level, it will now be 2-20 hours depending on level.

QuestMaster days given a 10% chance for double reduction timer as a result also.

Malachite^8 and ^9 have changed from -7h / -9h to -6h / -8h.

Bribing the questmaster with malachites has been adjusted due to the other changes (grades 1-8).

Before: 500 / 1k / 2k / 5k / 10k / 15k / 25k / 200k for each malachite grade level limit.

Now: 500 / 1.5k / 3k / 7k / 20k / 50k / 100k / 200k



To address common complains and the accessory changes, some conquest requirements have changed.

Retired Knight, Mysterious Mage, Pirate Captain, Necromancer, Wise Ruler, Djinn requirements changes from:

100 Rusty Parts / 300 Demonic Tears / 12 Map Pieces & Crates of Rum / 50 Gold Bars / 50 Dwarven Silver / 50 Elven Perchments to

60 Rusty Parts / 100 Demonic Tears / 8 Map Pieces & Crates of Rum / 30 Gold Bars / 30 Dwarven Silver / 30 Elven Perchments



Drop Order has been randomized. The drop check order is gems / shadows / purse / clan mines. Instead of:

Gem / Shadow / Purse / Mine drop order (if one drops, it skips others), it is now:

Randomized between Gem / Shadow / Purse / Mine and Shadow / Gem / Purse / Mine

The higher BT is, the more the drop order is noticably favoring gems (since it is always checked first) so this fixes that issue.

Fires of Hell will always check shadows first. Other shadow-specific zones stay randomized.


25th November 2019


Added new command - /updates you can view in game to see all changes I've been adding since I started. Will always update with every change as it won't always be on login page.

New Gem Types - Added Tigers Eye, Dragon Tear, Demon Tear to the game. See /gems for details.

Removed Illusionist, Wraith, Executioner, Champion, Colossus, Scoundrel from quest pool. 24 mobs for quests now. No rarity changes.

Added Bank quick withdrawals - 12345, 40k, 100k, 1M, 50M, 50B, 50T, 50Q. 1M+ only show up if you have enough banked gold.

Shrine now only shows zones you meet the level requirement for.


20th November 2019


We are welcoming in a new round reset at 23:00 UK Time today

Changes are as follows:

I implore everyone to read the following information listed within the store: HERE


9th November 2019


Boots are now fully functionaly! Drops shadows, can Myth, Ancest, and Godly them. Credit to Fred (Bowman)!


5th November 2019


New Legendary Conquest: The Great Conquistador! Very long quest that gives an accessory to improve conquest drops. Check out /acc and /conquest for the updated lists and rewards.

Ancestral Leggings and Gauntlets no longer lose AC - Credit to Fred (Bowman)

Added /high and /oas to the Command List


26th October 2019


We welcome in a new round, the game has been reset!


30th September 2019


Gear is now interchangable, meaning you do not have to unequip gear to equip new gear

Does not apply to Right Hand, Left Hand, Spell One, Spell Two for now.


26th September 2019


New Conquests are being added! Will list them here as they are implemented.

Manic Miner - 1,3 in Gem Mine(2700) - Requires: 7.5k Lumber, Stone, Clay, Sand - Reward: A nice ^5 Gem

Fangtastic! - 3,3 in 300 Gems(3999) - Requires: 150 Black Fangs (Zoned) - Reward: Dragon or Demon Fang ^6

Pelagon Hunt! - 1,0 in Pelagon Palace(5000) - Requires: 200 Pelagon Scales (Zoned), 25k FP - Reward: 25k All Stats

More To Come!!


25th September 2019


Stat boosting conquests will now re-apply their reward upon reincarnating/changing profession (Except Gem Hunter).


23rd September 2019


Added customized conquest item drop message. Will display what item you dropped and how many you now have.

Adjusted drop rates of zones 5k+ to help improve balance and game speed.


21st September 2019


Game has been reset!


12th September 2019


Re-added Tracker Academy to the game. Be sure to check out its evolution with /clanmisc


8th September 2019


Added 12 new specials! These apply to quests and regular killing. Future conquests will use them as well, but that is for later.

View the updated list by using the /specials command in the game!

Updated Rarity System

Previously, you had a 2x lower chance of finding a King or Veteran; 3x finding Fanatic or Villian, and 4x finding Master

Now, you will have a 2x lower chance of finding a Fanatic or Villian, and 3x finding Master, Champion, and Overlord

Added shrine to pyramid 5

Added more mobs to Chellinias Tavern


7th September 2019


The Headhunter Dojo Conquest will now display all masteries instead of a selection to choose from.

Added a Bonus Time Blocker - You can now only upgrade Bonus Time, never downgrade.

Example - 1200% is set. Only an ULTRA or CHAOTIC token will be a valid coin until BT resets. All other coins will give an error message.

Fusion Pieces should no longer overflow into Leg Bones and should always start a new stack if you're maxed.


2nd September 2019


Quest Overhaul is here! Including Gold/Exp rework, Fusion Gems, Shadows, and Accessories added.

Gold, Experience, and Gem Drops have been rebalanced across all zones.

Quests now have 4 regular types - Normal Gold/Exp (C), High Gold/Low Exp (UNC), Low Gold/High Exp (UNC), High Gold/Exp (R),

Quests now have 2 special types (Both Low Gold/Exp) - Item Drop (R) - Regular Gems (C), Fusion Gems (R), or Shadow Gear (R), and Accessory Drop (VR).

When an item drop is determined, the most common roll will still be regular gems. However, it now shares with fusion gems and shadow gear.

Gem Grades have been pushed higher, such as 9s being found at 90k+ now instead of previously 25k+.

Fusion Gem Drops are a rare roll when a gem drop is determined. All fusion gems are included.

Shadow Gear Drops is an uncommon roll to happen instead of a gem drop.

Shadow gear is rolled as I-XX and also has a chance to be mythic, ancestrial, or godly. This is highly dependant on the quest level range though.

For instance, you won't find XX gear at low levels or III gear at high levels; same with myth/ancest/godly gear. The higher your level, the better the shadow gear.

Accessories - There are 25 brand new ones that can only be found in quests! A full list is found through the /acc command.

Accessories will also perform a roll to see if it will gem each slot! This happens at ALL level brackets

When an accessory is determined, there is a chance that it will gem the 1st slot (R). If successful, there is another chance that it'll gem the second slot (VR).

The gem grade is determined on your level, so you might find a gandalf hat(drf4) at lower levels, but at higher levels it could be gandalf hat(drf7)

Possible Gem Rolls - Tour, Citrine, Black Pearl, Dragon Fang, Demon Fang, Frozen Tear, Atamshidade, Lazurite, Obsidian, Zircon

70k+ quests will only have zircon gems in them. The accessory "Goblin Wolf Amulet" will only have cobalt in it.

Quests will now use the proper level up brackets. It isn't perfect yet, so if you don't get the experience, just go attack something and it'll pop up.

(C) - Common; (UNC) - Uncommon; (R) - Rare; (VR) - Very Rare


23th August 2019


Added four new commands -> /clanpower, /clanbonus, /clanmine, /clanmisc

Shows the new clan power, clan bonuses, clan mines, and clan misc buildings that were added to the game.


12th August 2019


Added a LEADER and CO-LEADER tag in clan chat. Leader is gold colored; Co-Leader is Grey colored.

Added Examine to Clan Hall that will display all possible bonuses a clan can get.

Added Examine to Questboard that will display Malachite information - When it stops working & how much it reduces timer.

Since I doubled the quest timer to a max of 12 hours, Malachite gems are boosted in return. See the examine at the Questboard for their new values.

Improved the JACKPOT for higher levels. Will not not be as useless.


10th August 2019


Game has been RESET!

Change Log (Major Clan Additions): Changelog

Full List of Clan Mine and Misc Buildings - Here

Clan Minimum level to enter is 100 -> 150. Creating a Clan is 10M -> 20M gold. Accepting new members costs 1M -> 1M*#ClanMembers.

Tracker Academy is disabled until further notice - ran into issues with it.


29th July 2019


Additional Changes - See Other Changes

Additional changes made while working on new zones.

Most impacting one is 7s,8s, and 9s now have new minimum levels - 10K, 20K, and 35K. Minimum level is displayed with /gems

Credit to fiddlesticks for Tracker Academy and Shim Sphere special monster fix.


29th July 2019


Late-Game Zone Changes - Part 2 See (Warning: Long) Zone Changes

Many new zones added


14th July 2019


Sorts have been improved, credit to FiddleSticks

A-Z will now sort by Z-A if clicked again.

Gems will now sort gems alphabetically, ignoring gear. Also has a reverse.

Gear will now sort gear alphabetically, ignoring gems. Also as a reverse.


12th July 2019


Late-Game Zone Changes - Part 1 See (Warning: Long) Zone Changes

Due to the speed of the current round, I am releasing part 1 of my zone changes for the late-game and beyond.

This is to hopefully help balance zones, make leveling less boring, and overall extend the game further than it currently is, as late-game has been the weak point.

I've done moderate testing throughout the zones due to time restaints, however I hope I have them in a better spot than before. I can make changes as needed.

The short notes - Gems 7-9 are not as easily acquired. Gear XVII is not immediately available upon higher levels.

New zone backgrounds will come after I am completely finished.

In the image, ignore the percents for gold/exp/stat buff/nerfs. Meant to remove them.


10th July 2019


Professions have had a huge makeover, especially the Gods! See Profession Changes

In the wake of end game changes (working on it still), these profession changes will hopefully provide a better dynamic than "Everyone pile on warlord".

Correction for Goddess of Wine - Changed from +250% Mastery Chance to +500% Mastery Chance

End game changes will be posted when they are officially finished.


7th July 2019


Game has been reset! See Round Changes

Additional changes include: Wilderness is now 50x50, End game changes (TBD).


1st July 2019


UPDATE - Boots

Boots are now a new item of equipment!

Do NOT Expect them to drop as a shadow item, they are not within the shadow drop code as they are bugged.

They will work with gems as standard shop bought equipment and provide the same AC as leggings/gauntlets.


29th June 2019


UPDATE - Select a Stat

Added more level ups

New level up tiers have been added - 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 1k, 2.5k, 10k, 50k, 100k, 500k, 2M.

2x and 3x level ups are interfering with 1x level up for some reason, so have been removed for now.


Changed the sort option from "none" to "gear"

Was a tad unclear what none did. This sort option will place gear and shadows on top.


20th June 2019


UPDATE - Changed Purse Drops

Changed drop priority.

Old Drop Priority - Purse, Gem, Shadow, Gem Mine

New Drop Priority - Gem, Shadow, Purse, Gem Mine

What this means is that the game will check if you are to receive a gem or shadow drop now before checking for a purse drop.

This fixes issues with some zones where purse drops were so common, you'd rarely get gems or shadows.


Changed amount of gold dropped

Previously, purse drops were only decent at very low levels, where higher levels you'd get maybe 2M gold which was insufficient.

Now, the gold is properly tied to your level, increasing at different intervals throughout your journey to the top!


Fixed Gauntlet issue

The gauntlet issue with being removed from the inventory, and subsequantly causing the TP to disappear should no longer happen.