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9th November 2019


Boots are now fully functionaly! Drops shadows, can Myth, Ancest, and Godly them. Credit to Fred (Bowman)!


5th November 2019


New Legendary Conquest: The Great Conquistador! Very long quest that gives an accessory to improve conquest drops. Check out /acc and /conquest for the updated lists and rewards.

Ancestral Leggings and Gauntlets no longer lose AC - Credit to Frank (Bowman)

Added /high and /oas to the Command List


26th October 2019


We welcome in a new round, the game has been reset!


30th September 2019


Gear is now interchangable, meaning you do not have to unequip gear to equip new gear

Does not apply to Right Hand, Left Hand, Spell One, Spell Two for now.


26th September 2019


New Conquests are being added! Will list them here as they are implemented.

Manic Miner - 1,3 in Gem Mine(2700) - Requires: 7.5k Lumber, Stone, Clay, Sand - Reward: A nice ^5 Gem

Fangtastic! - 3,3 in 300 Gems(3999) - Requires: 150 Black Fangs (Zoned) - Reward: Dragon or Demon Fang ^6

Pelagon Hunt! - 1,0 in Pelagon Palace(5000) - Requires: 200 Pelagon Scales (Zoned), 25k FP - Reward: 25k All Stats

More To Come!!


25th September 2019


Stat boosting conquests will now re-apply their reward upon reincarnating/changing profession (Except Gem Hunter).


21st September 2019


Game has been reset!


8th September 2019


Added 12 new specials! These apply to quests and regular killing. Future conquests will use them as well, but that is for later.

View the updated list by using the /specials command in the game!

Updated Rarity System

Previously, you had a 2x lower chance of finding a King or Veteran; 3x finding Fanatic or Villian, and 4x finding Master

Now, you will have a 2x lower chance of finding a Fanatic or Villian, and 3x finding Master, Champion, and Overlord

Added shrine to pyramid 5

Added more mobs to Chellinias Tavern


2nd September 2019


Quest Overhaul is here! Including Gold/Exp rework, Fusion Gems, Shadows, and Accessories added.

Gold, Experience, and Gem Drops have been rebalanced across all zones.

Quests now have 4 regular types - Normal Gold/Exp (C), High Gold/Low Exp (UNC), Low Gold/High Exp (UNC), High Gold/Exp (R),

Quests now have 2 special types (Both Low Gold/Exp) - Item Drop (R) - Regular Gems (C), Fusion Gems (R), or Shadow Gear (R), and Accessory Drop (VR).

When an item drop is determined, the most common roll will still be regular gems. However, it now shares with fusion gems and shadow gear.

Gem Grades have been pushed higher, such as 9s being found at 90k+ now instead of previously 25k+.

Fusion Gem Drops are a rare roll when a gem drop is determined. All fusion gems are included.

Shadow Gear Drops is an uncommon roll to happen instead of a gem drop.

Shadow gear is rolled as I-XX and also has a chance to be mythic, ancestrial, or godly. This is highly dependant on the quest level range though.

For instance, you won't find XX gear at low levels or III gear at high levels; same with myth/ancest/godly gear. The higher your level, the better the shadow gear.

Accessories - There are 25 brand new ones that can only be found in quests! A full list is found through the /acc command.

Accessories will also perform a roll to see if it will gem each slot! This happens at ALL level brackets

When an accessory is determined, there is a chance that it will gem the 1st slot (R). If successful, there is another chance that it'll gem the second slot (VR).

The gem grade is determined on your level, so you might find a gandalf hat(drf4) at lower levels, but at higher levels it could be gandalf hat(drf7)

Possible Gem Rolls - Tour, Citrine, Black Pearl, Dragon Fang, Demon Fang, Frozen Tear, Atamshidade, Lazurite, Obsidian, Zircon

70k+ quests will only have zircon gems in them. The accessory "Goblin Wolf Amulet" will only have cobalt in it.

Quests will now use the proper level up brackets. It isn't perfect yet, so if you don't get the experience, just go attack something and it'll pop up.

(C) - Common; (UNC) - Uncommon; (R) - Rare; (VR) - Very Rare