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15 July 2018 - Scotticus

Welcome to the new round! Fresh start! New era!


Within this round we welcome fairness for all and the return of sharpshooters and drain spells*


*I'll get someone to writeup an explanation of these (they require balancing also)


Theirs been discrepancies within previous rounds and this round I will be as transparrant as possible, I should of confessed during the last round and not left it to the last minute with yet again another snap decision to reset.


Last round was unfair as I sold a certain accessory that no longer exists to give certain players an edge over everyone else and this is just not fair to everyone else at all. 


Myself and my family currently face eviction from our house for not keeping in line with rental payments, I will NEVER Take money from Shimlar or the bank accounts it hits I never have and I never intend to do so.


With the above said, the items sold namely the accessory "Void Crystal" Which as stated no longer exists the funds generated at sale ($100) Were used to try and put a seal into our rent arrears.


The stress caused from the above made me take a couple of days away from Shimlar on a temporary hiatus.


The above situiation will not affect the daily operating of Shimlar nor it being hosted online for what I see a very long time.


From the bottom of my heart I am sorry and I will attempt to prioritise Shimlar again once we have found our feet with our current situation. 

The Shimlar Facebook group can be found HERE