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14th July 2019


Sorts have been improved, credit to FiddleSticks

A-Z will now sort by Z-A if clicked again.

Gems will now sort gems alphabetically, ignoring gear. Also has a reverse.

Gear will now sort gear alphabetically, ignoring gems. Also as a reverse.


12th July 2019


Late-Game Zone Changes - Part 1 See (Warning: Long) Zone Changes

Due to the speed of the current round, I am releasing part 1 of my zone changes for the late-game and beyond.

This is to hopefully help balance zones, make leveling less boring, and overall extend the game further than it currently is, as late-game has been the weak point.

I've done moderate testing throughout the zones due to time restaints, however I hope I have them in a better spot than before. I can make changes as needed.

The short notes - Gems 7-9 are not as easily acquired. Gear XVII is not immediately available upon higher levels.

New zone backgrounds will come after I am completely finished.

In the image, ignore the percents for gold/exp/stat buff/nerfs. Meant to remove them.


10th July 2019


Professions have had a huge makeover, especially the Gods! See Profession Changes

In the wake of end game changes (working on it still), these profession changes will hopefully provide a better dynamic than "Everyone pile on warlord".

Correction for Goddess of Wine - Changed from +250% Mastery Chance to +500% Mastery Chance

End game changes will be posted when they are officially finished.


7th July 2019


Game has been reset! See Round Changes

Additional changes include: Wilderness is now 50x50, End game changes (TBD).


1st July 2019


UPDATE - Boots

Boots are now a new item of equipment!

Do NOT Expect them to drop as a shadow item, they are not within the shadow drop code as they are bugged.

They will work with gems as standard shop bought equipment and provide the same AC as leggings/gauntlets.


29th June 2019


UPDATE - Select a Stat

Added more level ups

New level up tiers have been added - 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 1k, 2.5k, 10k, 50k, 100k, 500k, 2M.

2x and 3x level ups are interfering with 1x level up for some reason, so have been removed for now.


Changed the sort option from "none" to "gear"

Was a tad unclear what none did. This sort option will place gear and shadows on top.


20th June 2019


UPDATE - Changed Purse Drops

Changed drop priority.

Old Drop Priority - Purse, Gem, Shadow, Gem Mine

New Drop Priority - Gem, Shadow, Purse, Gem Mine

What this means is that the game will check if you are to receive a gem or shadow drop now before checking for a purse drop.

This fixes issues with some zones where purse drops were so common, you'd rarely get gems or shadows.


Changed amount of gold dropped

Previously, purse drops were only decent at very low levels, where higher levels you'd get maybe 2M gold which was insufficient.

Now, the gold is properly tied to your level, increasing at different intervals throughout your journey to the top!


Fixed Gauntlet issue

The gauntlet issue with being removed from the inventory, and subsequantly causing the TP to disappear should no longer happen.