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24th August 2018 - Development Team

We have reset! Sorry for the delay!


The Mastery Training "technique" known as the "Enter Technique" is no longer allowed as it gives some players an unfair advantage over others and will be classified as breaching Rule 7.


The following changes have been made and will be implemented into this coming round:

Shields will now add 4% dex per IC at Myth and Ancestral which will stack. They will also lose their -5IC penalty when used as weapons. This will align their potential with Godly Blasts (Heals) and provide the same bonus to fighters as heals do to casters.

Godly Shocks have been adjusted. They were applying their IC bonus to spell 1 irrespective of where they were equipped and if the other spell was not arcane then spell 2. Now they will apply the bonus to themselves, then apply the bonus to the other equipped spell if it is not arcane.

Single weapon/spell Bonus has been buffed. It will now provide a hit chance bonus as well as an increase to IC. This is to offset the hit chance/damage that Sharpies inherently have.

The gem structure for Vamps has now changed to the following:
 Bloodrock: Is the primary drain/damage gem but will come with an armour class penalty
 Tourmaline: Is a secondary drain/damage gem, but will provide additional IC to drains and additional hit chance.
 Ruby: Unchanged, will heal the user and provide an armour class bonus to vamps.
The additional bonuses/penalties will only apply to the vampire class when used. /gems will be updated.
Vampires, due to their low initial VIT stat will usually benefit more from a traditional caster gem set up over the vamp specific gems until they can get a higher VIT. They will definitely come into play post Godly upgrades, possibly before, that is for you to find out.

Put simply, Vampires will no longer be able to race through the higher tier zones with low level gear. Masteries will once again be an important aspect of the class and their mid to late game ability has been restricted to bring them in line with other builds at that stage.

Due to popular request we have repurposed a Zone. Alexandria has been adjusted and will now be a levelling zone for level 20k. This will help mitigate the exp jump that is observed between 20k to 24k.

All changes have been thoroughly tested and whilst some classes/builds may have an advantage at certain stages in the game, they will also have disadvantages at other times.

A beginners guide to Vampires and Sharpies will be created shortly.


The Shimlar Facebook group can be found HERE